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Dental Implants

Dental Implants


The first known dentures were worn in the 5th century BC and everyone who has dentures today knows that the technology is three thousand years outdated. What a pain, not only in daily dealing with your dentures, but real, literal pain from loose fitting and sore-inducing appliances that eventually destroy bone!  Many dentures don't look right, they can loosen and fall out at the most inopportune times, the cleaning can be tedious and there are foods that cannot be eaten.  

There's a better way.

Secure dental implants were developed about thirty years ago. They solve all of the problems we just mentioned. In a nutshell, screws are placed into the jawbone where teeth once grew. These screws hold an acrylic, composite or porcelain tooth that is designed to look identical to real teeth.

Once placed, the prosthetic teeth are treated just like your original teeth. Laugh, smile and throw away your denture bond! Care for them and brush them just like you used to brush your own teeth.  


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The Procedure

The first step in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is to schedule an appointment with Johnson Dental. Dr. Garfield, an extremely skilled and experienced dental surgeon, will examine you, review your dental and medical history and determine if implants would be your best option.  Next, you may receive a quick facial CT for a 3D look at the bone structure to insure bone strength and absence of abnormalities that might cause complications.

Another appointment will be scheduled for placement of the implant.  This procedure can take a couple hours, but you could actually leave the office that day with brand new "teeth"- permanently!

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